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Guide: Unboxing And Assembling Your New Sex Doll

The day has finally arrived! A couple of weeks ago you did your research, you found the best sex doll store online (wink wink) and you found the doll of your dreams.  This is the girl you’ve seen in your fantasies, and she has finally arrived.  You’ve tracked her movement across the globe, from our […]

Sex Doll brings excitement to your monotonous life

Summary: Demand for sex doll is increasing at a fast pace these days. Here are few reasons that make people love these life-like beauties. Let’s become familiar to the fact that adult dolls are not only meant to have sex rather various other reasons also make people to opt for such adult based accessories. Some men actually […]

sunny-sex doll

The Advantages of Mini Sex Dolls and Sex Doll Torsos

The Advantages of Mini Sex Dolls and Sex Doll Torsos Sex Dolls Magic Fashioned in varying body types and facial features, sex dolls are tailored to get you that cozy partner you’ve not had for long. Have you ever run into a lady in the street with a body that you would like to come […]

What will the first sex robots be like?

It has long been imagined, the day when mankind will be able to interact and have intimate relations with robots.  What was once just a figment of the human mind is now a credible reality.  Many companies have released prototypes of sex robot technology and sex minded artificial intelligence, and let me tell you, we […]

Tips to consider for buying good quality sex doll

Summary: Adult fun seekers would definitely want to enjoy having fun with sex doll. Below discussed are some useful tips to buy quality dolls. Let’s face the fact that not all men know how to purchase adult doll with quality material and advanced features. With so many worthy options available in the market, you can easily find […]

Why do men buy sex dolls?

Why do men like sex dolls? Why do they spend thousands of dollars on lifelike silicone dolls instead of pursuing real women? Below are quotes from real sex doll owners on why they bought a sex doll. Source: Top 3 Reasons: For a better sex life. For companionship, and to fight loneliness. To satisfy […]

sex doll honey

What are the different types of Sex Dolls?

In the media, sex dolls are generally depicted as blow-up dolls: plastic, unwieldy, and identical. But there are so many more options these days, and many dolls are customizable. We’ve put together a crash course for your edification and enjoyment; read on to discover the creative, colorful world of sex dolls! Silicone Sex Dolls: Softer […]

Sex Doll Discussion Forums and Communities

If you’re looking for other Sex Doll owners there are two hubs you need to check out. These two discussion communities are great for sharing your sex doll passion, getting advice, discussing sex doll shops, and talking about the future of silicone dolls. shop luxury sex dolls 1. The Doll Forum – Boasting almost […]


Japanese Sex Dolls have arrived

Among other things such as Sushi and Anime, the Japanese are also well known for their creativity and acceptance when it comes to sexual fetishes (google Japanese tentacle porn).  When it comes to Sex Dolls, the Japanese are no different.  Sex Dolls have been in use in Japan since the 1800s, when sailors were provided […]

sex doll

Bring your wildest side out with life-like sex dolls

Summary: Life like sex dolls are being highly preferred by many men who want to have some pleasure and happiness to their boring sex life. Every buyer comes up with different needs while seeking for the adult products to get their various sexual desires fulfilled. Well, dolls have emerged as the most in-demand and highly […]

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