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clean sex doll

How to clean a sex doll?

Every friend who uses sex doll will encounter the problem of how the sex doll is dirty. Based on the practical experience of a number of friends, the following suggestions are made. If the conditions at home allow, we can give the sex doll a bubble bath. Do not exceed 50 degrees. Of course, if […]


Key features and maintenance methods of sex dolls and after-sales instructions

Sex dolls have become a must-have for men and women to masturbate. When you buy a sex doll, you need to understand the structure of sexual dolls, as well as the maintenance methods, as well as the seller’s after-sales service. Here are some product descriptions for general sellers. We hope that can help all […]

7 Tips on How to take care of a sex doll

Being a Sex Doll owner, you need to know how to take care for your doll. Sex Dolls are best known for their life like appearance with anatomically correct figure. The materials that are used to manufacture these dolls give the ability to represent the original human being. The materials are used in such a […]


How long does a sex doll last?(client feedback)

Emily Brown Answered: If you buy a cheap sex doll ,i guess it like a sexy lingerie only could be used no more than 2 times . But if you buy a expensive with high qualities lovedoll ,it could be your sex partner for a long long time if you treat it in the right […]

Replaceable vagina (Insert) for sex doll (1)

How to install Insert vagina on sex doll ?

When purchasing your love doll, you will undoubtedly be confronted with the following tricky question: should I order a molded vagina or a detachable vagina for my sex doll? You should give some thought to this. The choice of a built-in molded vagina or a detachable Insert vagina for your sex doll is an important and irreversible choice. I invite you therefore to read […]

Stain remover - TPE Real doll (2)

How To remove Stain on TPE love doll ?

Seeing a stain appear on your premium TPE real doll is never a pleasant experience. As we have already explained on many occasions, handling and using a real doll requires a lot of precautions. These precautions may be difficult to follow for a beginner. But more experienced users may also make mistakes. Among the more common mistakes is staining! Often caused […]


How to Dress Up Your Sex Doll?

How to Dress Up Your Doll to Make Her Look Sexier When you made up your mind about her, its time to start finding the right clothes. On the websites, like , or  they give you an opportunity to order clothes either through them or third-party websites. Sometimes the sex doll comes with an […]

make up sex doll

How is sex doll made?

In order to clear up some of the question we receive on the doll customization we will cover how is sex made. We will get through the basic steps of manufacturing dolls and sex toys. Early stage design At first a brand like Real Dolls will start with some basic information. Could be the overall […]


How to maintain and clean your silicone/TPE adult doll ?

This is a question that anyone buying a silicone/TPE adult doll must ask themselves. Because it is vital to maintain your silicone/TPE doll if you wish to keep her as charming, soft and fresh as she was in the first weeks, for the years to come. Cleaning the body of your silicone/TPE doll. Your silicone doll should be waterproof but some precautions should […]

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