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Japanese sex doll

Couple spends $30k on synthetic dolls to spice up their marriage

Everyone who has ever been in a relationship has thought of it, dreamed of it, talked about it, and the most daring of couples have done it. It is group sex. Whether you want to bring a single friend into the bedroom or attend a swinger’s party, the group sex dynamic is an innate fantasy in long-term relationships.

However, it is not without complications. There is an inherent risk of ruining the original relationship, but one British couple has defied the risk by inventing their own fantastical solution.

Dave Hockey and Shawna Bigelow participate in regular silicone-infused orgies with one another. That is, they bring sex dolls into the bedroom for group sex rather than invite a real person. Dave has his own female doll and Bigelow has her own male doll and they all get along just fine. Each of the dolls are disturbingly real, complete with skin, orifices, and yes, even penises that look and feel like the real thing.

Mr. Hockey has long dabbled in the world of Real Dolls, and since meeting Bigelow online, has brought her into the action. Supposedly, they find their habits to be a safe and pleasurable way to spice up their love life while maintaining monogamy. Although, Bigelow admits that she sometimes feels jealous of her rubber-made competition, until she reminds herself again that the dolls are rubber.

In a way, Dave and Shawna are living the dream. They are having regular group sex with the partners of their choosing. Did I mention that it only cost them $30,000 to do it?

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