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sex doll breast size

How to find the breast size of a sex doll

Step 1 – Determine Your Band Size

  1. Measure around the torso just under the breasts.  Make sure the measuring tape is very snug and level around the body.
  2. Round the measurement to the next highest whole number.
  3. If the number is even + 4″, if the number is odd + 5″.

Even Measurement Example: 

  • Torso circumference measurement right below breasts = 25.98″
  • Round Up: = 26″  + 4″ = 30″
  • The Band Size is 30

Odd Measurement Example: 

  • Torso circumference measurement right below breasts = 26.77″
  • Round Up: = 27″  + 5″ = 32″
  • The Band Size is 32

Step 2 – Get Bust Measurement

  1. Wrap tape measurement loosely around the fullest part of the bust (at nipple level).
  2. Round to up to the next highest whole number.

Step 3 – Determine Cup Size

Subtract the band size from the bust measurement and refer to the chart.


  • Bust measurement 33″ – Band size 30″  = 3″
  • Difference of 3″ = C cup

Bra Size is a 30C


  1. Can somebody please tell me if SEXDOLLIE.COM Is a reputable business Or is there something shady about them Seems as though nobody Works lawyer I have emailed them over and over and over nobody ever returns my email they have a chatline leave a message never returned left about 20 of those pretty strange

    1. yes. It is a legitimate website and as far as we know, the quality of their dolls is good.

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