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Photographer Documents His Intimate Relationship With A Lifelike Sex Doll

I remember having quite the attachment to a blanket when I was growing up. It came everywhere with me. You might even say we were inseparable – damn, I miss that blanket.

June Korea extends this unconditional love to the fictional romance he has with a lifelike sex doll.

The 34-year-old photographer from South Korea has been documenting his relationship with Eva (the doll) ever since she arrived in a giant FedEx box at the end of 2014.

They do everything together. Sleep and wake up together; go shopping; dining; driving and even travel together, “just like ordinary people do in their real lives,” he explains.

“We laugh and cry, we feel happy and lonely.”
June describes it as an artificial eternity he’s constructed as a result of loneliness. He wanted to create an identity and have a human-like inanimate object that could stay with him forever.

He describes himself as quite the introvert: hanging out with people all the time but still feeling a sense of emptiness in crowds and moments, concerned about it all disappearing.

“I believed in eternity when I was an innocent child,” June explains: “I had a faith that my family, friends, and love would go on forever and with me, as long as I did my best for them. However people, moments, and memories I wanted to last forever have left, died or disappeared and I know the rest of them will do the same.”

June starting taking photographs of dolls back in 2001. This project is called Still Lives: Eva – the names of the first women according to the creation myths of the Abrahamic religions. It aims to help those struggling with emotions to find something in sharing their stories.

The photographs are in no way provocative but rather like stills from a melodrama about the domestic turmoils of a modern relationship (something with Vince Vaughn in it).


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