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sex doll story

The story of happiness: don’t care about other people’s eyes, my love with my sex doll

Now, We¬† want to tell you a happy story. June Korea, a graduate of the New York School of Visual Arts, has customized a new silicone sex doll for his latest photo collection “Still Lives: Eva” with a price of $3,000. In the end they fell in love, let us feel it.

The doll’s arm and proportion were pulled, so June Korea returned the doll to the original esdoll factory. He took the doll’s hand and photographed the photograph named “Goodbye for a while.”

When the doll comes back again, the defect has been amended, the two people have formally cohabitation, June Korea for the doll to get a good name: Eva Eva, although appearance looks like a young girl, but the heart is as pure as a newborn, for example, Eva and June Korea as a child, repel brush teeth.

At night June Korea and Eva take off their clothes and admit to meeting June Korea and introducing their friends to Eva, the dolls behind them.
June Korea used to go out to work alone and return to the cold home after work. But since Eva June Korea finally understood and enjoyed “having someone at home waiting for you to come back.”
June Korea and Eva hang out every holiday, in a photo taken at Bear Mountain State Park, where they met on their first date. Passers-by turn around to steal their meow, curious about the couple.

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