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155_cm sex doll zldoll

How does the Internet Red Star evaluate zldoll’s sex dolls?

This is a review of our new 155cm silicone sex doll we got for $1400. It’s not really a cheap love doll but one of the best sex dolls with big breasts for the money. It’s about 5 foot 1 inch or 155 cm tall with DDD cup breasts and weighs about 75 pounds. This […]


About ZLDOLL Sex Doll Factory

ZlDoll is a manufacturer and traders founded in 2005. Our factory is over 20,000 square. Currently, we have a total of 230 employees, include professional sculptors, designers, and 20 technicians. We specialize in developing, designing, producing and selling medical Silicone TPE sex doll. Our sex doll market with high technical standard medical Silicone TPE materials and advanced designs. ZlDoll […]

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